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Miami Jet Ski Rental

Why Rent a Jet Ski in Miami?

Jet skiing is the most popular and trending activity you will find yourself doing in Miami Beach. Your Miami experience will not be completed until you experience the unique thrill of riding on a powerful Sea-Doo Jet Ski at rushing speeds through the warm tropical water of South Florida. 

Capture the highlights of your trip by adding the video package. A GoPro action camera will be mounted in front of the Jet Ski recording the riders during the full 30min session. Participants will get to keep the 4gb SD card containing the full footage of the session. 

How is The Jet Ski Ride?

After our team goes over all safety regulations and Jet Ski controls; our professional instructors will lead the group to a large zone where riders will be able to enjoy the freedom of riding at their desired speed and direction as long as they stay inside of the boundaries. This is way more fun than the boring old-fashioned guided tours where you are required to stay right behind each other and very limited on what you get to see during the ride. Our monitors will ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone, making your overall excursion memorable, and worth reliving.

Questions about this Water Activity?

If you are looking for more information regarding this attraction, we recommend you to read our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or just give us a call! Don’t forget to also check out the other activities offered by Miami Jetski.

$150/ski card deposit required (no cash)
16 years and up to drive!
No speed limits
Departures every 30min

Jet Ski Equipment

Our facility uses brand new BRP Sea Doo GTI 130 Pro Jet Skis, they are currently the leading model in the commercial industry. They offer premium comfort, speed, and easy maneuverability giving the rider the ultimate ride no matter their experience. Every 6-12 months, our units are replaced with new ones in order to stay on top of the technology and offer the latest gadgets to our customers. We are proud of providing WaveRunners in mint condition which have no physical damage and still have that “new smell”. Our machinery are inspected daily and certified by the local dealers. The Jet Skis are also equipped with a GPS system to ensure safety and prevent riders from riding fast in slow-speed areas.

Jet Ski FAQs

  • How old do you have to be?

    You must be 16 years or older to drive and minimum 6 years old to be a passenger. Minors will need a parent/ guardian to sign the liability waiver.

  • Is there a damage deposit required per jet ski?

    We require a $250 damage deposit per Jet Ski, it will be refunded at the end of the ride as long as the Jet Ski comes back in the same condition and is not damaged.


    Deposit will be collected at check-in. Deposit may take several days for it to get refunded back to your card depending what bank you are using.

  • What brand Jet ski and how fast do they go?

    Our brand new Sea Doo Gti 130 top out at 55mph. You probably won’t be able to stay full throttle for more than a couple of seconds! Jet Ski are equipped with reverse and neutral position. 

  • Do I need a boat license to ride a Jet Ski?




    Drivers born after January 1, 1988, will have to pass a $3 boaters license at our location. Do not worry, it is easy to pass in usually just 10-15 minutes.

    If you are born before that date or already have a boater’s license, then you are all set!

  • Do you need to know how to swim?

    As long as you do not panic, knowing how to swim is not required. You will be provided with a lifejacket, and will be under the supervision of professional Jet Ski instructors during the whole ride to keep you stay safe and answer any questions. All of our staff are CPR/ first aid certified and great swimmers!

  • Can we go on our own or do we need to have a guide?

    For safety reasons, we only offer free rides in a large area with boundaries. Professional Jet Ski instructors will be present ready to answer any questions and keep everyone safe while having a fun time out on the water! Don’t worry, you will still be allowed to ride as fast as you want during the free ride.

General FAQs

  • What activities do you guys offer in Miami?

    Miami Jetski offers Parasailing; Jet Ski Rides; Tubing; Flyboarding; Sailing; Windsurfing; Paddle Sports and various other. Visit our Marina location for all of the main activities just at one location!

  • Are you open every day? What time?

    Yes we are open every day of the year from 10 AM until sunset. 

  • Is parking available?

    Yes, we have a public “pay by phone” parking lot right next to us.

  • Are you booking agency or the actual supplier?

    We are the owner of all activities and do not subcontract with anyone else. We sell and provide the service ourselves. Skip third party agency and call us directly!

  • What do we need to bring/wear?

    Be ready to get wet! We recommend a bathing suit, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, beach towels, hair tie if you have long hair, and a change of clothes if you have plans to go somewhere else after us.

  • How many locations are there?

    We have two departure points. Check out the location tab for more details!

  • How far are you from Miami Beach?

    We are about 10-30 minutes away depending on traffic. However keep in mind that we have free parking right in front, so you will save time and money instead of parking in South Beach.

  • Can we add more Water Activities to our reservations once we get there?

    Of course, if you show up with more friends or family members, you will be able to pay the difference there, however, there is no guarantee that we will have enough space for the new “Walk-ins”.

  • Are bookings refundable?

    We do not issue refunds, however your credit will never expire and can be used towards other activities as well. 

  • Online reservation or just walk-in ?

    We work 85% mostly with reservations. We do accept walk-ins although they won’t get priority and will have to go on the next available time. To sum it up, it is highly recommended to book with us on our site to have the least waiting time.

Departure Point



3400 Pan American Dr., Pier 9 Slip 24, Miami, FL 33133

Upon arrival to the Marina, we are located on Pier 9, look for yellow smiley face flags.



1 Hour

$180 135



Must complete prior to check-in for anyone born after 1/1/1988